WEBINAR: Hawaii's Solar + Storage Market

by Tracy Fosterling on Jun 04, 2019

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Hawaii has set one of the most ambitious statewide renewable energy goals in the country, targeting to reach 100% renewable energy by 2045. Some Hawaiian islands are predicting that they may even reach that goal before 2045, which makes Hawaii a front runner in the solar market, but the market has gone through many changes, with the opening and closing of many crucial Net Metering (NEM) programs. This webinar goes in-depth into where the market stands today, how it got there, and what the future looks like for solar + storage in Hawaii. It also highlights modeling Hawaii projects in solar Energy Toolbase including Customer Self-Supply (CSS) and Customer Grid-Supply (CGS+).


Will Giese - Executive Director, Hawaii Solar Energy Association

Matt Cimo - Western Regional Sales Manager, Energy Toolbase

Marissa Kunsch - Utility Rates Analyst, Energy Toolbase


1.) Energy Toolbase in Hawaii - 2:15
2.) Utilities & rates in Hawaii - 4:50 
3.) Hawaii's Solar + Storage Market Outlook - 7:50
4.) Residential & Commercial DER Programs - 12:00
5.) DER Market Potential - 18:24
6.) Upcoming Hawaii Policy/Legislation - 20:22
7.) Hawaii Interconnection Data - 25:00
8.) Case Studies - 29:00

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