WEBINAR: Energy Toolbase Launches Sustainable Capital Finance on Platform for Instant PPA Financing Quotes for Solar + Storage Projects

by Sarah Wood on Aug 11, 2022

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Energy Toolbase has launched its newest financing integration partner, Sustainable Capital Finance (SCF), on the ETB Developer platform. This partnership enables ETB Developer users to instantly generate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) financing quotes for commercial and industrial (C&I) and non-profit solar + storage projects without leaving the platform through SCF’s industry-leading PPA solution. This allows project developers to streamline their workflow of generating an indicative quote by eliminating the need to go between multiple applications and ultimately expedite the process of modeling, optimizing their financing solution, and deploying projects. Sustainable Capital Financing is a third-party financier that works directly with solar integrators and energy consumers to provide PPA solutions for commercial, non-profit, and municipal projects. SCF makes PPA financing more accessible to C&I and non-profit sectors by providing solutions for projects 100 kilowatts (kW) and up.



  • Application process of using integration in ETB Developer
  • Preloaded transactions in ETB Developer
  • Introduction to Sustainable Capital Financing
  • Benefits of instant financing quotes for your proposals
  • Finding value for your customers to help you close deals
  • What's needed from developers to move the process forward for funding
  • Best practices for modeling PPAs for solar + energy storage projects in ETB Developer

Watch the entire webinar below:

Access the webinar slide deckhere

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