WEBINAR: Energy Toolbase and Stem Integration

by Tracy Fosterling on Mar 26, 2019


Energy Toolbase now includes Stem, Inc., the world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage services. The addition to the ETB platform gives project developers the opportunity to design and deploy solar + storage solutions based on Stem's industry-leading energy storage controls. With this integration, distributed energy providers can simulate project performance, analyze financial returns and develop sales proposals informed by Stem's Athene AI platform. This webinar overviews the integration, how to sign up and demonstrates how to utilize Stem within Energy Toolbase


Adam Gerza - COO, Energy Toolbase

Chris Zach - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Stem 

AJ Santa Maria - Sales Analyst, Stem 

Matt Campbell - Senior Product Marketing Analyst, Stem 


1.) Benefits of ETB - Stem Integration - 2:40 
2.) Application Process - 7:08
3.) About Stem - 10:00
4.) Developing solar + storage with Stem & ETB - 25:40
5.) Demo of Integration - 31:25
6.) Next Steps - 40:24

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