WEBINAR: Energy Toolbase & AMS Integration

by Tracy Fosterling on Feb 22, 2019


energy storage

storage simulation


We have added AMS to our offerings within the platform to  provide a unique solution for developers to design and deploy distributed energy resources with Energy Toolbase's software-as-a-service for design, and AMS's AI platform for operations This addition enables distributed energy developers to run energy storage simulations and financial analyses on Energy Toolbase, based on the use of AMS's energy market software. This webinar overviews the integration and demo of how ETB users can model AMS simulations on the ETB platform.


Scott D'Ambrosio - VP of Sales, Energy Toolbase

Adam Gerza - COO, Energy Toolbase

Felicia Lee - Senior Energy Analyst, AMS

Clara Nagy - Director of Business Development, AMS 


1.) Overview of Energy Toolbase - 1:57
2.) Overview of AMS - 3:13
3.) Signing up for the integration - 7:52
4.) Case studies - 13:23
5.) Best practices for modeling AMS projects - 39:56
6.) Benefits of AMS - Energy Toolbase integration - 40:25

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