WEBINAR: Energy Storage Development with K&L Gates

by Tracy Fosterling on Jun 19, 2019

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There's no doubt that today's energy storage market is thriving, and only continuing to grow. Better policies are being put into place to help storage make sense and continued education is encouraging more consumers than ever to consider a solar + storage system. Things are good, deployment numbers are up significantly, but there are still a lot of challenges that the market is facing, especially in the behind-the-meter (BTM) sector. K&L Gates, an international, esteemed law firm, just recently published its 4th version of the Energy Storage Handbook which overviews a number of current regulatory and development issues facing project developers in today's market. In this webinar, the K&L Gates team expands on key findings in their recently published guide, specifically focusing on the issues affecting BTM storage projects. We also talk about how to overcome those issues with financing transactions and incentives in Energy Toolbase. 


Buck Endemann - Partner, K&L Gates, editor of 4th version of Energy Storage Handbook

Elizabeth Crouse - Partner, K&L Gates, a contributor to Energy Storage Handbook, specializing in tax 

Jim Wrathall - Counsel, K&L Gates, a contributor to Energy Storage Handbook, specializing in project finance, EPC & development 

Adam Gerza - COO, Energy Toolbase


1.) Energy storage market today - 2:44
2.) Federal & state tax incentives - 4:10 
3.) Federal regulatory updates - 13:05
4.) Storage development hurdles - 20:45
5.) Financing & monetizing storage projects - 26:35 
6.) SGIP & SMART programs - 42:00
7.) Modeling storage incentives & finance transactions - 44:00

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