WEBINAR: Decoding the Energy Storage Market in the Northeast

by Tracy Fosterling on Oct 02, 2020

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The Northeast energy storage market continues to ramp up as policies continue to change for developers. In this webinar, our team is joined by David Gahl, Senior Director of State Affairs for the Northeast at SEIA, where we decode the storage market within the Northeast. From programs such as VDER, SMART, to Clean Peak Standard, our team of experts guides developers to better understanding this complex market, the roadblocks and limitations they face, and how to in turn monetize their behind-the-meter energy storage projects.


Dave Gahl - Senior Director of State Affairs, Northeast, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) 

Kevin Mulvey - Manager, Technology & Product Operations, Energy Toolbase

Quinn Laudenslager - Senior Manager, Technology & Product Operations, Energy Toolbase


  1. New York policies that are driving energy storage - 3:00
  2. A breakdown of The Value Stack (VDER) - 6:32
  3. Mining for Value with Energy Storage - 12:03
  4. Outlook on customer-sited storage in NY - 16:10
  5. Policy overview of solar & storage in NY - 18:45
  6. Tariffs & price signals in Massachusetts - 24:50
  7. Incentives in MASS and why they exist - 28:43
  8. The basics of optimizing customer-sited storage in MASS - 31:15
  9. Knowing the risks of storage incentives in MASS - 35:00
  10. Policy overview of solar & storage in MASS  - 40:05