Energy Toolbase joins FRV to provide Acumen EMS controls for pioneering Energy Storage-as-a-Service model in Mexico

by Tracy Fosterling on Mar 11, 2022

Acumen EMS

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Fotowatio Renewable Venture (FRV), the second-largest developer in Mexico, was searching for a solution that would provide commercial and industrial (C&I) customers with an ideal and cost-efficient method to reduce grid congestion, balance electrical systems, and mitigate the impact of intermittent renewable generation. With Mexico being a large base of industrial facilities that rely heavily on a constant power supply with no guarantee of power from the grid, there was a need to implement a program that would provide a viable solution. Battery energy storage would help secure the power quality and quantity needed and provide a flexible option to bring immediate results and benefits, including optimizing energy consumption, generating savings, and helping the market transition to renewable power sources. FRV needed an energy management system to pair with its battery energy storage system (BESS) for customers in Mexico, where the customer is subjected to demand charges and hourly tariff schemes, to manage consumer demand and delivery savings while reducing stress on the electrical system during peak hours.


FRV had selected Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ to join a partnership for the first project based on an ‘Energy Storage-as-a-Service’ model focused solely on the Mexican industry that will optimize energy consumption and savings for the end customer. This first system deployed through the model in Mexico City is a 480kW system using a BYD CHESS unit controlled by Acumen EMS to optimize the site’s power factor, provide savings, and improve the quality of the industrial facilities’ electrical service. The system will not only save customers money and improve power quality but will also relieve the strain on the grid that their heavy consumption of electricity can cause, especially at peak times. This is FRV’s first major energy storage project in Mexico under the EnSaaS model and will be used as a replicable model for more projects across Mexico and promises to revolutionize the Mexican industrial electricity market. Readmore about our Acumen EMS energy storage integration with BYD. 



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