WEBINAR: What Will NEM-3 Mean for Commercial Solar + Storage Projects in California

by Tracy Fosterling on Oct 13, 2021

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The looming NEM-3 decision has the potential to dramatically reshape the economics of solar + storage projects in California. The investor-owned utilities (IOUs) have proposed radical changes that would severely erode the value of customer-sited solar. While the end outcome on NEM-3 is yet to be finalized, we now have a strong indication of where the value of exported energy may land as a result of the CPUC’s recent decision on the Avoided Cost Calculator (ACC). The ACC measures the cost-effectiveness of distributed energy resources and will be used to determine the value of rooftop solar. 

In this webinar, we review the major elements of the IOU’s NEM-3 proposals, including (1) the reduced exports values as determined by the ACC, (2) Grid Benefits Charge (GBC) which seeks to levy a fixed charge based on solar system size, and (3) instantaneous time-of-use (TOU) netting and monthly true-ups. We will quantify the impact of these changes on C&I PV+ESS projects, and show how NEM-2 vs. NEM-3 project economics compare. With the final NEM-3 decision expected in the next 6 months, and implementation scheduled to begin in less than a year, now is the time for C&I developers to get fully educated on what it all means.

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  1. Summary of where the NEM-3 proceeding stands today
  2. Review IOU’s NEM-3 proposals and quantify how significantly each major aspect would erode project economics
  3. What the CPUC’s recent ruling on the ACC means for the value of exports
  4. Review case studies to compare NEM-2 vs. NEM-3 project economics versus one another
  5. How to model NEM-3 project economics for any type of customer in ETB Developer
  6. How to communicate NEM-3 to customers and advantageously use it to close more deals today

Watch the entire webinar below: 

Access the webinar slide deckhere.

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