WEBINAR: Enel X Joins Energy Toolbase Platform for Storage Project Modeling

by Tracy Fosterling on Nov 19, 2021

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Energy Toolbase has announced the launch of a platform integration with Enel X, giving project developers the ability to run storage dispatch simulations and savings analyses on the ETB Developer platform that are representative of how Enel X storage solutions, controlled and operated by its sophisticated Distributed Energy Resource Optimization Software (DER.OS), will operate in the field. This integration further streamlines the project development process for commercial project developers to model, analyze, and deploy Enel X-controlled storage systems in the field. 

In this webinar, the Energy Toolbase and Enel X teams overview how to best utilize the integration for your storage projects and identify what makes a good storage opportunity.


Matthew Cimo -  Regional Manager, Energy Toolbase
Alistair Ono - Regional Director of Sales, Distributed Energy Resources, Enel X 
Suraj Patel - Solutions Engineer, Enel X


  1. Enel X in the energy storage market
  2. Enel X energy storage solution offerings (technical specifications)
  3. Optimizing solar + storage projects with Enel X solutions
  4. How to apply for the Energy Toolbase - Enel X integration in ETB Developer
  5. Modeling projects using the integration in the ETB Developer platform
  6. Tips and best practices for developers in getting Enel X storage projects to the finish line

Watch the full webinar recording below: 

Access the webinar slide deckhere.

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