Energy Toolbase - BYD Energy Storage Integration Resource Guide

by Tracy Fosterling on Oct 08, 2020

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1.) Overview BYD - ESS Integration on Energy Toolbase

2.) Energy Toolbase's Acumen EMS™

3.) Signing up for the BYD Commercial ESS Integration 

4.) Using the BYD ESS Integration

5.) Transactions when using the BYD ESS integration 

6.) Final Checklist



Overview - Energy Toolbase BYD Commercial ESS Integration

Energy Toolbase has integrated BYD’s (Build Your Dreams) energy storage solutions onto the Energy Toolbase (ETB) Platform. This integration enables ETB users to run energy storage dispatch simulations and savings analysis that are representative of how BYD Energy Storage Systems (ESS) products controlled by the Energy Toolbase Acumen EMS™ controller would operate in the field.


BYD's integrated all-in-one energy storage solutions feature Lithium-ion Iron-Phosphate battery technology, paired with a bidirectional power conversion system (PCS), packaged into a modular system design for easy transportation, installation, and maintenance. The BYD products that Energy Toolbase is integrating its control software with, include BYD's CHESS and BHIVE product lineup, which come in both 2 and 4-hour configurations.

Energy Toolbase has worked with BYD to validate the ESS hardware specifications which have been pre-loaded onto the ETB platform. This allows users to quickly evaluate their standalone-ESS projects or PV+ESS projects, on any of Energy Toolbase’s 60,000+ utility rate schedules. The BYD integration streamlines the project development workflow for commercial storage developers and gives them the confidence to know they are running validated savings and economic analysis.

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