Webinar Recap: Designing and Selling C&I Storage Projects

by Tracy Fosterling on May 07, 2020

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Energy Toolbase co-sponsored and presented on the California Solar and Storage Association's (CALSSA) last part of its Professional Development Series 'Designing and Selling C&I Solar and Storage' webinar. Our presentation was titled 'Commercial Solar + Storage Modeling Best Practices'. This presentation also went in-depth into rate switching and selecting the best rate schedules for commercial storage projects. 

Here are the main topics we covered in our presentation if you want to skip ahead:

  • 1:17 - SDG&E AL-TOU vs. DG-R rate comparison
  • 2:42 - SCE GS-2-TOU (D) vs. GS-E-TOU (E)rate comparison
  • 3:30 - PG&E B-19 vs. B-19 (R) rate comparison
  • 4:30 - Case study - school in SDG&E 
  • 9:40 - Case study - office in SCE 
  • 11:04 - Case study results - supermarket in PG&E 
  • 11:30 - Key takeaways 


Check out the recent webinar we co-sponsored with CALSSA, 'Residential Storage Sales and Project Management'.

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