By Kevin Mulvey
on 8/3/2020
  • new york solar
  • new york storage
  • REV
  • VDER
New York’s solar and energy storage market has evolved significantly in recent years, which we summarized in a previous blog where we unpacked the policies and initiatives driving the market forward. To successfully deploy projects in New York, developers first need to be able to interpret the technical language that ... read more...
By Adam Gerza
on 7/30/2020
  • CPUC
  • energy storage
  • SGIP
In our very first “ETB Ask an Expert” interview series we explored the topic of SGIP, the Self Generation Incentive Program in California, which is the longest running and most lucrative behind-the-meter energy storage incentive program in the country. The SGIP program was recently re-upped with $675 million dollars of ... read more...
By Quinn Laudenslager, Adam Gerza
on 7/21/2020
  • Massachusetts NEM
  • Massachusetts solar
  • net energy metering
Net Energy Metering, often referred to as NEM, is widely considered one of the most important policy mechanisms that have allowed customer-sited solar to flourish over the last 20 years. NEM policies effectively allow behind-the-meter solar customers to sell their exported electricity back to the utility at the retail rate. ... read more...
By Tracy Fosterling
on 7/8/2020
  • commercial energy storage
  • delta energy storage
  • energy toolbase iems
STUART, Fla. , July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy Toolbase, an industry-leading software platform providing solar + storage modeling, energy storage system control, and asset monitoring products, has integrated Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions onto its sales and modeling software platform. This integration will empower ... read more...
By Kevin Mulvey
on 6/25/2020
  • clean energy standard
  • New York Education Series
  • Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)
  • VDER
Over the last decade we have seen major shift s in energy policy and renewable resource development throughout the United states . Market leaders such as California and Hawaii have continued to set the bar for the rest of the country, but they are no longer in a league of ... read more...