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Reducing System Peaks, Increasing Stability of the Grid for Small Electric Cooperative

Reducing System Peaks
Project Summary


Little Rock, Arkansas

ESS Provider

Sungrow Storage Systems

System size


Deployment Date

April 2020

Facility type

Aerospace and defense contractor

EMS Application

Grid level peak shaving via scheduled dispatch

The Challenge

A small electric cooperative in Arkansas wanted to deploy two front-of-the-meter (FOM) storage systems, co-located with PV, to reduce their overall system peaks and increase the stability of the grid. Today’s Power, a renewable energy company that develops, owns, and operates renewable assets was in search of a solution that would be able to accomplish that goal, and also give the customer the ability to schedule the battery to dispatch when they needed. The customer specifically requested the ability to take full control and manually schedule the dispatch of their storage system on-demand. 

The Solution

Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ controls software was integrated with two Sungrow energy storage systems, which utilize Samsung battery modules with a combined capacity of 9.6 megawatt-hours (MWh). The solution also included a license to the ETB Monitor platform, which provides a secure, web-based portal to view real-time performance, create alerts, and for the customer to schedule dispatch commands and override events. The systems reduce yearly grid-level demand, minimize wholesale power costs, and increase grid stability for its customers and were delivered on time and on budget. 

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