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We’ve surpassed 50,000 rates in ETB!

The Energy Toolbase platform has hit a big milestone. We have surpassed 50,000 active, global utility rates in our database! ‘Active rates’ are rate schedules that are up to date and able to be used to model projects. We currently have users modeling with these rate schedules in more than 850 utility territories in the United States and in several other countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, to name a few. 

These specific rates play a crucial role when modeling the financial analysis of a solar + storage project in Energy Toolbase and these rates change frequently. Utilities will oftentimes change a rate significantly, or make a change to charges so small that you might hardly notice. Either way, any change requires an update in our database, especially if it’s an active rate. These updates are made by our in-house utility rates team who are constantly monitoring and updating the global rates in the database to ensure the accuracy of your projects. 

This is such a big milestone for the database simply because all of these rates are maintained manually, and Energy Toolbase is the only software platform in the industry that has a team that is monitoring this large, extensive database. Our team of 7 works with utilities to ensure that the rate has the most definite charges associated with them inside the platform.

Aside from these global rates, we also have custom rates for Energy Toolbase users to utilize. To use a custom rate, you can either copy an existing rate and make changes from there, or request one from our utility rates team.  We have recently updated the way we take rate request and other questions/concerns related to rates. To request a rate from our team or for any question/comment regarding rates, please email This change will allow our turn-around time to be even quicker and allow for all of our rate experts to answer questions and address concerns from our users. 


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