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We’ve launched new solar & storage document templates in ETB Developer

We have just released two new document templates onto our ETB Developer v4 platform, enabling users to more efficiently communicate the value proposition of solar + storage projects. ETB has recently hired both a graphic designer consultant and a 10-year industry veteran solar + storage developer to help us develop our next generation of templates. We know how critical proposals are in communicating the various aspects of your project, from equipment vendors, costs and incentives, financial transactions, system size optimizations, and ancillary benefits like environmental impact. Our vision for our new document template gallery is to provide several different types of dynamic and beautiful proposal document templates that enable our users to further streamline their workflows and close more deals. One of the major benefits ofgoing live on our new v4 platform is the ability to push out new software updates and templates on a more frequent basis. We intend to launch several more new template styles and themes, both short-form and long-form, addendum pages, and many other template resources in the coming weeks and months. 

v4 Modern PV + ESS (includes PV layout)

Our new “(v4) Modern: PV + ESS (includes PV layout)” short-form template utilizes a modern styling theme and includes summary pages for solar PV system, energy storage system savings, project economics, and an environmental benefits page. The design concept was to create a simple, concise, and compelling template to present the most critical aspects of a solar + storage project, without needing to scroll through a long PDF. This template could be utilized for high-in-the-funnel projects in either a residential or commercial setting. As with all of our templates, users have the ability to customize the logos, colors, fonts, images, and displayed calculated values in our updated v4 document template editor.


Energy Storage Performance Summary Report 

Our new “(v4) ESS Performance & Savings – Summary Report” template provides a detailed and transparent look into the performance and savings of an energy storage simulation. The document includes a summary of ESS net dispatch and savings by billing cycle, ESS savings coming from energy ($/kWh) vs demand ($/kW), the before and after PV/ESS utility bill tables, and monthly demand profile visualizations for all 12 billing cycles of the year. This template can be shared with the end customer requesting to see full transparency into how the ESS savings were derived and/or as an internal addendum for ESS developers. 


Note: existing ETB Developer users need to go to our document template gallery and add these new templates into your account in order to get access to them (from top navigation bar “View Document Templates” > green “Create Document Template” button). For new ETB Developer users, these templates will automatically be seeded into your account.

In the coming weeks and months, we’re planning to release several more new templates, addendum pages, and other document resources that will enable our users to more effectively communicate and close solar + storage projects. If you have specific document template requests, email them to your account manager and they will get funneled back to our product and marketing team.

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