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Energy Toolbase + Stem Integration: What You Should Know

When it comes to energy storage modeling, Energy Toolbase has consistently made improvements to our platform that allows our users to accurately model, propose and optimize the economics of any behind-the-meter storage project. Our latest integration with Stem, the world leader in AI-driven energy storage services gives project developers who use Energy Toolbase the opportunity to design & deploy solar + storage solutions based on Stem’s industry-leading storage controls. This integration is all about enabling users to run energy storage dispatch simulations in Energy Toolbase, using the Stem app, that is truly representative of how these systems will operate in the field; all while streamlining the project development process and in turn, leading to more energy storage projects being deployed. As an Energy Toolbase user, it’s a tool within the platform that can help change the way in which you model energy storage projects, and close more deals, all while not costing you anything. 

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Benefits of Stem – Energy Toolbase Integration 
  • Stem validated ESS hardware & software control settings: all of the energy storage hardware design & software control settings have been pre-defined and validated by the Stem team to give our users the confidence that the simulations they’re running are realistic to how that project will actually perform in the field.
  • Simulate representative ESS dispatch & savings: this integration allows users to model specific projects, for a specific customer anywhere in the country, on any rate schedule, coupled with specific net energy metering assumptions and load profiles with the assurance that their simulations will accurately reflect the projects real-time dispatch and savings. 
  • Embedded directly into the workflow: this integration does not require our users to leave the Energy Toolbase platform at any time. The entire experience is embedded directly into the existing project development workflow in ‘Step 5’, along with all the specs that have been pre-defined, making it less complex and time-consuming. 
  • Quickly qualify projects & present the best opportunities: there are always going to be more attractive C&I storage projects out there, along with better savings opportunities. But there’s also a lot of projects that don’t pencil out.  Developers can now, more efficiently, identify the good projects and answer the question; is this a worthwhile project or not? You won’t be spending time on projects that don’t offer meaningful savings opportunities.
  • Stem updated settings reflected instantaneously: hardware specifications are always changing and evolving and storage controls will get more efficient. Stem will consistently redefine settings on the back end and let users instantly have access.
Application Process 

The signup process to utilize this integration is quick, seamless and won’t cost Energy Toolbase users a thing. There are a few steps to take before you can have full access:

  • Apply for the Stem integration in ‘Step 5’ by clicking the greyed out Stem logo 
    • That logo will turn orange once you’re approved 
  • Accept the terms and conditions of using the integration. 
    • This is a dual opt-in process, meaning the Energy Toolbase user has to apply to use, then the Stem team has to approve you, prior to gaining access
    • There is no PII (personally identifiable information) that is shared or received from Stem. You will not be sharing your customers’ address, email or phone number; simply just facilitating better communication between Stem and their dealer partners
  • Once you’re approved, you will get an email notification from both Stem and ETB 
  • There is no cost or obligation to use this integration once you’re an Energy Toolbase user. 
Stem Athena AI (artificial intelligence) Software

One of the most powerful features of this integration is having Stem’s Athena AI software available, which powers Stem’s energy storage network. Athena precisely controls when batteries are charging and discharging, which can optimize the timing of energy use and generation of storage projects and provides several benefits including: 

  • Automated energy savings: Athena can precisely predict energy savings much faster and efficiently than a human could and give more accurate results and representation
  • Supporting a clean, reliable grid, while earning rewards: Athena can support a grid that can use more renewable energy and respond at times of grid strain and earn new revenue streams
  • Guards against changing energy rates: it can continuously update as energy prices fluctuate and new net metering rules change, providing protection against changes 

Next Steps

Once you’ve been approved to use the integration, you’ll have immediate access to run Stem simulations. If you haven’t yet applied or are not an Energy Toolbase user, here’s a list of the following steps to take: 

  • Create an ETB account (if not already a user) 
    • Sign up for a free trial here
  • Apply to use the Stem Simulation in ETB 
    • Click on the Stem button inside Step 5
  • Get started with the Stem Partner Network 
    • A dedicated account manager will provide a user guide and training
    • Stem and ETB will continue to host additional training sessions and webinars on specific topics involved in the integration 

To see an overview & demo of the integration, please watch the webinar we recently co-hosted with the Stem team: 

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