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Kina’Ole Capital Partners Endorse The Energy Toolbase Software Platform To Installer Partner Network

EL SEGUNDO, California – Kina‘ole Capital Partners, LLC (Kina’ole), a leading solar financing company has formally endorsed the Energy Toolbase software platform to its network of solar installation partners.

Founded in 2012, Kina‘ole is focused on providing low-cost Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to home and business owners throughout the United States. Kina‘ole PPA’s enable customers to purchase electricity at a lower cost than they currently pay their utility.

Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform, built specifically for commercial applications. The software-as-a-service product is being licensed by hundreds of the leading solar developers and installers nationwide to calculate energy savings, model project economics, and create customer facing proposals.

After evaluating a number of the software tools on the market, Kina’ole chose Energy Toolbase as its platform of choice. “We’re in the business of financing, owning, and operating solar PV projects,” said Blair Herbert, the Co-Founder and Principal of Kina’ole. “It is imperative that our dealer partners calculate the dollar savings of a project precisely, and present their analysis to the (host) customer in a clear and transparent fashion. The reason we’re endorsing Energy Toolbase is their ability to develop a tool best suited to service the complexities of the commercial solar market.”

“We’re grateful to get the endorsement from Kina’ole, they’ve got a really experienced and knowledgeable team” said Adam Gerza, Vice President of Business Development with Energy Toolbase. “The primary focus of our product is on accurately, transparently, and objectively calculating dollar savings of solar projects. That makes our interests directly aligned with Kina’ole, when it comes to working with their dealer network.”

About Kina’ole Capital Partners LLC:

Kina‘ole is a leading solar financing company focused on providing Power Purchase Agreements to home and business owners throughout the United States. Kina‘ole delivers inexpensive electricity that saves its customer’s money and contributes to our country’s shift to clean, renewable energy. Learn more at

About Energy Toolbase:

Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform for analyzing and proposing the economics of solar PV and energy storage projects. Hundreds of the leading renewable energy developers nationwide use our software-as-a-service product to accurately, objectively and transparently analyze their projects and create customer facing proposals. For more information or to request a free trial, visit:

Media contact:
Adam Gerza
Energy Toolbase
866-303-7786 x700


William Neverman
Kina’ole Capital Partners

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