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Expanding our Sales & Support Footprint in South Carolina

Energy Toolbase is quickly expanding our sales and support team staff across the country and into Canada as we grow our product offering and continue to support our increasing userbase. While Energy Toolbase currently has team members spread out across five office locations, and a half dozen other remote office locations, South Carolina continues to serve as the primary hub for our sales and support team and we’ve recently moved into a larger office to keep up with the growth.  Our Murrells Inlet, South Carolina office currently houses our Vice President of Sales (Scott), four Account Managers (Rion, Paulina, Tyler, Jonathan), and our Operations Analyst (Robert), with the expectation to fill more seats in 2021.  

Our Account Managers

Since Energy Toolbase’s inception in 2014, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing best-in-class support and customer service to our clients. Our high touch Account Manager model enables us to grow deep relationships with our users, which is the opposite approach of a lot of the faceless software-as-a-service companies out there, where it’s impossible to get a rep on a zoom call.

Our sales and support team wears many hats, working to onboard, train, and support our user base. This usually entails a full day of one-on-one private screen share calls, running training webinars, and private product demos. They’re also an active part of our in-person conferences and connecting on a more personal, face-to-face level with our customers.  While our Account Managers previously only provided support to users on the ETB Developer platform, their role and scope have expanded. As we now provide support and service across our full product suite of ETB Developer, Acumen EMS™, and ETB Monitor. Our newfront-end website, which launched in October, provides more details on our expanded “Model, Control, and Monitor” product offerings.

About Murrells Inlet 

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina is located on the Atlantic coastline, 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach and 100 miles north of Charleston. It’s known throughout the state as the “seafood capital of South Carolina”. It’s an outdoorsman’s dream, with year-round boating, fishing, and water activities. It’s also a must-stop for golf lovers across the country.  Murrells Inlet is similar to where our Energy Toolbase headquarters are located in Stuart, Florida, another small, water-front city. 


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