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Energy Toolbase’s 2022 by the Numbers

What a year 2022 was for Energy Toolbase. The year was fruitful in countless ways, with several UI updates and the launch of a financial integrations feature in ETB Developer, the introduction of our new ‘Special Programs’ feature in ETB Monitor, the debut of our Sapphire Partner Program, and the ability to have brought visions to life for our developers by deploying several new energy storage projects globally that are equipped with our Acumen EMS™ controls software.  

We are looking forward to 2023 and are excited to help developers continue to model, control, and monitor their solar + storage projects with our software tools. While we are enthusiastic and forward-looking, we also want to take a moment to review 2022’s successes by numbers. 

$866 million

The total combined dollar value of solar-only or solar + storage projects quoted using our financing integration partners in 2022. We officially launched our first integration in Q1 of 2022 and now have live integrations with Green Bridge Energy, Luminia, and Sustainable Capital Finance. With these in-platform financing options, users can instantaneously generate financing quotes and get directly connected to the financiers through the platform, expediting modeling and selling commercial projects. 


The total number of runtime hours our Acumen EMS controls software has logged through the end of 2022. Our first pilot energy storage project deployment was launched nearly six years ago. In October of 2020, Energy Toolbase formally introduced the Acumen EMS name as part of a rebranded product launch.


The number of pageviews our Newsroom received throughout 2022. OurNewsroom is where we post blogs, policy updates, press releases, case studies, webinars, and product announcements. Our marketing team has consistently grown this metric year-over-year since inception, illustrating our thought leadership and broad industry reach 


The number of active, global rates in the ETB Developer rates database at the end of December 2022. Platform users can leverage our in-house utility rates team to help with rate-related questions and custom rates. They are consistently updating, tracking, and researching rates in all 50 states and within international utilities to ensure accurate project modeling.  

For questions regarding global or custom rates, please contact our rates team  


The number of webinars hosted by our team in 2022, with the total number of attendees well in the thousands. Our Account Management team hosts weekly and monthly demonstrative webinars, including ETB Developer webinars, energy storage training, utility rates training sessions, new user training, and full product suite demos. We also host various informative webinars on the latest policy updates and regulation changes to help inform users on how they might impact project economics. Register for our webinarshere. 


The total number of Acumen EMS sites deployed (or contracted to deploy) at the end of 2022. Our sampling of our operational Acumen EMS projects can be viewed in the Case Studies section of our Newsroomhere.   


The number of unique energy storage hardware integrations our engineering team has completed at the end of 2022, which includes different energy storage, inverter/PCS, and battery vendors. As we previously reported in ourAcumen EMS whitepaper, as a result of our now extensive firsthand experience integrating with different hardware providers, our team is taking a more discerning approach to selecting our future ESS hardware partners. We encourage project developers to do the same. Given that inverter and battery failures are considerably more common and consequential than software or communications outages, simple hardware reliability improvements can materially and positively impact project returns.


The number of states where we have deployed our Acumen EMS controls software. We have now deployed Acumenenabled storage systems across several countries in North America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and most recently, Costa Rica, which you can read more abouthere.


The percentage of projects run on the ETB Developer platform in 2022 that included an energy storage system. Our expectation is that this percentage will rise markedly in 2023 and beyond, driven in part by the implementation of the NEM-3 (Net Energy Metering, version 3) program in California. Check outour NEM-3 resources page for more details.


The number of unique control strategies that our Acumen EMS controls software utilized throughout 2022. These strategies include different combinations of time-of-use arbitrage, demand charge management, self-consumption, and grid services or demand response programs. Our team works closely with customers to ensure the correct strategy is implemented for your unique project needs. You can schedule a call with our teamhere to talk more about your energy storage and EMS needs.


The number of new releases onETB Monitor in 2022 for external users. These six top releases include Aggregated Cloud Metering; Virtual Power Plants & Demand Response Capabilities; Enhanced Override Capabilities; Price Stream Visualization; Integration with ETB Developer & End-to-End Platform V1.0; and Time Series Based Alerting. 

What to expect from us in 2023

We are determined to continue bringing visions to life for developers by always providing the most seamless and supportive experience. You can rely on us to roll out new features and updates to our product suite this year to increase the efficiency of your project modeling, storage control, and asset monitoring. Be the first to know of any new developments from Energy Toolbase by following our social media pages and blogs. We are enthusiastic for yet another year to provide our industry-leading tools to developers for their solar and energy storage projects!  

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