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2018 By The Numbers

You can expect a lot from Energy Toolbase in 2019. We have some substantial changes coming in the new year, from fully launching our international platform to several big energy storage integrations. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve grown substantially year over year but 2019 will be one of our biggest years yet.

Our users have allowed us to grow into the industry’s-leading solar sales software platform in just 4 short years.  Our platform is being used by thousands of industry-leading organizations around the world and each year our team makes the effort to satisfy their needs by constantly releasing software updates to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of solar + storage project modeling.  While we have a lot to look forward to, we wanted to reflect on all of our accomplishments of 2018.  From growing our team across the country to hosting a record number of webinars, we’ve grown in nearly every way possible in the past 12 months and wanted to share before we dive into 2019. We broke down our year by the numbers:


The number of visits we had to our Energy Toolbase application in 2018 surpassed 5 million. This includes those who have log-in credentials to model solar + storage projects. This number grew by more than 1.5 million compared to 2017.  You can sign up for a free 14-day trial which gets you full access to our application. 


The number of minutes spent watching videos between both our YouTube and Vimeo pages where we constantly upload new videos including tutorials, webinars, and demos. We plan on increasing our video production in 2019 to include more tutorials to ensure our users have access to updated educational resources at all times. 


The number of impressions between our social media channels surpassed over a half a million between our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We take pride in keeping our followers up to date and educated on everything from big market announcements, new policy updates and big updates happening within Energy Toolbase.


The number of visits we had to our front end site. This year we re-designed our ‘Newsroom’ into a few different sections including blog posts, policy updates, news releases and resource guides to help our users seamlessly navigate and find what they’re looking for. 


The total number of global rates we have compiled in our database by the end of 2018. Our utility rates team creates, reviews and activates new rates into our database every day. Read about how they do it, and how to request custom rates in a recent blog.


The number of webinar registrations throughout the year. We host weekly demo webinars that highlight the main features of Energy Toolbase, as well as monthly Energy Storage training webinars, which will become more frequent during 2019 due to the high number of registrations. We recently just started a utility rates webinar series that will be discussing a range of topics each month. Check out the upcoming schedule


The number of webinars hosted throughout the year. You can sign up for any one of our webinars here


The number of new employees we’ve added to our team. With the incredible amount of growth we’ve seen throughout the past 12 months, every department has grown and added team members to help keep up with the growing number of users and the constant addition of new features into our platform. We’ve added 8 new team members to the marketing, utility rates, engineering, and sales department


The number of conventions the Energy Toolbase team attended throughout the year including Solar Power Northeast (Boston), NFMT (Baltimore), Intersolar NA (San Francisco), SPI (Anaheim). We use these conventions to connect with our current users and meet all of our new users. 2019 is full of new convention territory in new markets, as well as the possibility of international travel. See you next year! 

What’s next? 

This past year paved the way for us to be able to launch new energy storage provider integrations which we will be announcing soon. Our vision is to enable developers to accurately model the savings and performance of how a specific vendor’s ESS system would operate in the field and these new storage integrations will make that happen. 

With a full international release just around the corner, our team is currently tirelessly at making it a seamless transition. If you are currently modeling projects internationally, you can use our platform and our utility rates team will drop in any rate that you need in your account. To coincide with our international launch, we have added two team members in Hawaii to cater to our customers that in different time zones.  Be on the lookout for an announcement regarding our international capabilities.

Overall, we’re constantly working to improve our accuracy and efficiency and continue to be a market leader. We hope you’ll join us in 2019, Happy New Year!

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