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Employee Spotlight: Brooke Morales, Product Manager, Leads ETB Developer Sales & Modeling Platform

Since 2014, our team has continued to improve on our sales and modeling platform for developers who are looking for accurate financial analysis for their projects. Being the industry-leading software platform for utility rate and financial analysis comes with constantly upgrading our platform to ensure that users have the most accurate, transparent, and objective results for projects. Brooke Morales has been with the Energy Toolbase team since 2016 and has continuously worked to make the platform better and more intuitive. She began with the Data Team and now leads the ETB Developer platform as the Product Manager. Brooke has been instrumental in getting the new v4 platform to the finish line and is sharing what she is most excited about as Energy Toolbase continues to grow and create new products and workstreams:

Q: What is your role at Energy Toolbase, specifically within the Product team?

A: I am the Product Manager for the ETB Developer sales and modeling platform, Energy Toolbase’s initial product. As the Product Manager, I am responsible for driving the design and development of new products, features, and functionalities which means working closely with all teams within ETB and our customers to ensure the success of our products.

Q: What is something about the Energy Toolbase Product team that makes it unique?

A: Being a product manager at Energy Toolbase is unique because the industry we serve is relatively young and constantly changing and growing. We are truly building innovative products that will grow with the solar and storage industry, and with the team we have at ETB, I have no doubt that we’ll continue to create new products that will help developers push projects forward. 

Q: What are some exciting things you’re working on and working towards at Energy Toolbase?

A: Here on the Developer side of ETB, we just recently implemented our new v4 platform for our entire userbase. This is a project that the Product and Engineering team had been working on for a long time. Our users were the primary drivers in the new features and workflows that we implemented to make the modeling process more intuitive and easier. Now that we have released the new platform, we are focused on providing our users with quick and easy access to financiers and financial quotes directly from our platform. We have also had many users requests that we implement PV Retrofit abilities in ETB, and those requests have been heard loud and clear by the team!

Q: What is the most exciting thing about the v4 platform update that you are looking forward to our users seeing?

A: I look forward to users creating their proposals in v4. The ‘Edit Proposal’ page has gone through some significant changes, all of which will make the proposal creation process more seamless and quicker than ever before. The feature that will aid most in a speedy proposal is our Proposal Configuration feature. A proposal configuration is a template created from an existing proposal that allows you to utilize the details (PV and ESS sizes, Incentives, Transactions, Documents, and more) of that proposal when creating a new one.  As presenting accurate proposals is critical in selling solar and energy storage projects, we know this feature will be appreciated by our users. 

Q: What has been your favorite project to work on in your time at Energy Toolbase?

A: My history here at ETB was mainly spent with our Data Team, I was a Senior Utility Rates Analyst for 4 years. Having the chance as a Product Manager to implement new features and streamlining the rate schedule workflows for the team and our users was incredibly fulfilling.

Q: What is something about the solar and/or energy storage industry that excites you?

A: So many people in the world do not have access to reliable electricity. Providing these areas with solar power could mean providing power for schools, homes, and businesses. This, on top of saving the planet, makes this industry pretty exciting and it keeps me passionate. 


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