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Employee Spotlight Series: Amira Hamdon, Business Development Analyst – Enterprise Services

TheEnterprise Services division of Energy Toolbase launched this year, offering a range of consulting services performed by our team of experts including economic site optimization, portfolio assessments, and market feasibility analysis. The Enterprise team works with a variety of renewable asset owners across the market including corporates, business owners, developers, financiers, and investors to identify the best opportunities for projects.

As the team’s Business Development Analyst,Amira Hamdon is focused on helping clients identify their needs and how to act on them. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Amira has been with Energy Toolbase for three and a half years and shares with us the details of what the Enterprise Services team does within Energy Toolbase, some exciting things on the horizon for the team, and much more. 

Q: What were you doing prior to joining the Energy Toolbase team?

A: I have five years of experience in the renewable energy industry, covering solar + storage, transportation electrification, and biofuels. My educational background is in Natural Resource Economics. Before joining the Energy Toolbase team, I worked at a few different startups in the technology industry in Calgary, Alberta, as well as a clean energy non-profit in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Q: What is the role of the Enterprise Services team at Energy Toolbase?  

A: The Enterprise Services division offers a range of consulting and advisory services performed by our team of domain experts. Clients can hire our ES team to conduct a thorough techno-economic analysis on their behalf, where we analyze, validate, and optimize all aspects of their solar + storage project(s). To deliver a client-ready proposal, we examine your project in its entirety, from an initial solar design, system sizing optimization, investigating NEM rules, and other tariff considerations.  

Q: What is your role at Energy Toolbase, specifically within the Enterprise Services team?

A: I am a Business Development Analyst on the Enterprise Services team at Energy Toolbase. I am a client liaison and project manager for our customer’s engagements. I enjoy being able to build meaningful and beneficial relationships with our customers.  

Q: What is something about the Enterprise Services team that makes it unique?

A: The Enterprise Services team analyzes your proposal leveraging ETB developer platform-wide insights from over 3 million proposals in an aggregated, anonymized fashion. While rigorously reviewing your proposal, we provide suggested inputs and assumptions utilizing this collective knowledge. These inputs are transparently provided in the proposal’s appendices, and the customer can update them to their preferences during their project-specific design review meeting.   

Q: Can you explain how the ES team helps developers know where the best opportunities lie within solar and storage projects?

A: We thoroughly examine every requested market for each use case a company presents so we can provide them with an apples-to-apples comparison. For example, we completed an engagement with a Fortune 100 company with operations in over 30 states, which needed multiple building types assessed across this geography. By running a proposal on each of these unique cases, we could provide metrics allowing our clients to compare every project in their portfolio using NPV, IRR, and payback period, making it easily rankable depending on their priorities.

Q: What are some exciting things you’re working on and working towards within the Enterprise Services team?

A: We have seen a lot of interest in analyzing new demand response (DR) programs across many markets. While the Enterprise Services team can currently explore select markets, we are looking forward to expanding this offering to new programs and building it into the logic of the ETB Acumen EMS engine.  

Q: What has been your favorite project to work on in your time at Energy Toolbase?

A: The projects I’ve enjoyed the most are the ones where I can see the tangible value our team adds to a company. The most notable is the use case of large national developers who have previously been primarily focused on the residential sector and are now growing into the commercial and industrial sectors. We have successfully provided these customers valuable insights and analysis on their bottom-of-the-funnel projects while helping them prioritize their early leads –providing complete transparency as they outsource their analysis function to the Enterprise Services Team. Our Enterprise Services proposals can be white-labeled entirely to the client’s logos to maintain brand consistency as our client present to their customers. 

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