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2021 By The Numbers

Energy Toolbase has wrapped up another successful year! 2021 was a big year for our team, with our big (v4) release to the ETB Developer platform, launching our new ETB Monitor platform, and bringing new energy storage projects online across the world using our Acumen EMS™ control software. While ETB looks forward to 2022 and providing developers with world-class software tools to Model, Control, and Monitor solar + storage projects, we wanted to take a look back at 2021 by the numbers. 

The number of page views we had on our ETB Developer modeling platform in 2021, which tracks user activity when logged onto our platform. ETB Developer is an industry-leading software platform for financial and utility rate analysis of solar and energy storage projects.


The number ofTwitter andLinkedIn social media impressions that we accumulated throughout 2021. If you don’t already, follow us on all social media platforms to see all of our updates from product announcements, market news, policy updates, and more!


The number of views we had on ourYouTube andVimeo channels. These channels are where we post our webinar recordings, demos, and tutorial videos so they’re readily available to anyone at any time. 


The number of active, global rates in the ETB Developer rates database at the end of 2021. ETB Developer offers an in-house utility rates team that is consistently updating utility rates in our database. Please reach out to our rates team directly for questions about global or custom rates. 


The number of page views we had to our blog throughout 2021. Our blogs can be found in ourNewsroom where we also post policy updates, press releases, case studies, webinars, and product announcements. 


The number of webinars that we hosted in 2021. Our Account Management team hosts weekly and monthly webinars including general demos, new user training, and full product suite demos. Our team also hosts a variety of webinars on the latest policy updates, regulation changes, and how those can affect the economics of projects. You can register for our webinarshere. 


The number of employees we had at Energy Toolbase at the end of 2021. The ETB team grew tremendously in 2021, more notably the Engineering, Product, Technology and Product Operations, and Enterprise departments. By adding new products to our software suite, we’re enabling our teams to keep up with the growing numbers of storage deployments using Acumen EMS™ controls.  


The number of commissioned or contracted energy storage deployments using our Acumen EMS™ control software at the end of 2021. You can read about some of our Acumen EMS projectshere 


Total Megawatt Hours of Acumen EMS™ storage projects commissioned or contracted at the end of 2021. 

What’s ahead in 2022? 

We have an exciting list of new features and improvements coming to all three of our products (ETB Developer, Acumen EMS, ETB Monitor) in 2022. We will make announcements as these are launched. Furthermore, we expect to continue growing the headcount of our team to continue providing best-in-class software tools to enable developers to more efficiently develop, deploy and operate their solar and energy storage projects. 

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