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The Evolution of Energy Storage Modeling in ETB Developer

Energy Toolbase’s sales and modeling platform has brought tremendous value to customers working on solar and energy storage projects. Behind the scenes, we always work hard to make ETB Developer more capable and intelligent in this ever-changing market. We are pleased to announce a powerful new optimization engine designed to enhance your existing modeling services, as well as an array of new capabilities that we hope will help model storage projects even more accurately. 

Net Metering Support

Our first new feature targets battery dispatch optimally against Net Metering (NEM) export pricing schemes. This specifically applies to California’s NEM 3.0 standard, where exported energy is based on the actual hourly Avoided Cost Calculator (ACC) export values. The optimization engine can efficiently maximize customer savings by considering their import charges while also maximizing their potential additional savings with export charges during peak export price hours. 

Using Forecast Data in Simulations

Another key feature in this newly evolved version of ETB Developer is the usage of forecast data. We can now generate site and PV forecasts on the fly to be used as part of the simulation. This has been an essential missing functionality in our simulations until now. Just like a real system in the field, where the system predicts the future and uses those predictions to plan an optimal dispatch of the battery, ETB Developer also generates site and PV forecasts and dispatches the battery based on the predicted future. 

The platform is now closer than ever to representing the performance of Energy Toolbase’s rapidly growingAcumen EMS™. You no longer need to guess throttle, efficiency, or utilization settings for any given simulation. What you see on is what you’ll get with an Acumen EMS system in the field. 

Simulation Engine Upgrades

The foundation of the latest version of ETB Developer is built on advanced mathematical tools that are effective in simultaneously modeling and optimizing for complex import charges, export charges, and various demand response programs across many utilities. NEM 3.0 is just the first of many upcoming programs where we can start intelligently maximizing customer savings moving forward. Expect future announcements from us that allow customers to model and represent field performance across many programs more accurately, precisely, and efficiently. 

To see all of these new functionalities in action, register for ourEnergy Storage Training Webinar. We host weekly sessions, find a day and time that works for your schedule.

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