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Chint Power Systems Introduces Energy Storage Solution for C&I Customers, Integrates Pason Power’s Energy Intelligence Software

Complete storage offering allows solar developers to install intelligent storage with predictable results

March 20, 2019 — HOUSTON, TEXAS — Pason Power, a provider of adaptive intelligent software for energy assets, and Chint Power Systems (CPS), a market-leading manufacturer of solar and energy storage power conversion equipment, announced today that CPS has chosen Pason Power’s software to be integrated into its Energy Storage System as the exclusive platform for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. According to Navigant Research, C&I energy storage annual capacity deployments are forecasted to grow from 732 MW globally in 2019 to 10,861 MW in 2027.

The integrated energy storage solution fosters a simplified, single-source procurement process for customers rather than having to rely on multiple vendors. Additionally, hardware and software arrive pre-built and pre-configured, making it easy for developers to install so customers can quickly begin seeing the benefits. By pre-integrating with CPS’s energy storage solution, Pason Power’s platform can accurately model anticipated operating parameters, yielding more precise results.

“We are proud to have won the business of a high caliber company such as Chint Power Systems,” said Enrico Ladendorf, managing director of Pason Power. “The integration of the Pason Power platform with the CPS systems gives customers the ability to confidently size, procure, and install intelligent energy storage systems, while also providing faster delivery times and cost certainty. The combined system enabled by our software platform can help solar installers and project developers grow their businesses by delivering more accurate estimates on project financial performance such as IRR, Payback Period, and NPV.”

“As C&I energy and sustainability managers seek greater control over their energy use, interest in energy storage is skyrocketing,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, research analyst at Navigant Research. “To unlock the next level of value in the C&I storage market, stakeholders are exploiting cumulative advances in software and analytics to enable the bundling of grid applications to stack up multiple value streams. Balancing this complexity will require sophisticated analytical and system control capabilities to ensure an energy storage system provides maximum value and maintains peak performance for as long as possible.”

Ladendorf said Pason Power’s intelligent software platform is designed to unlock value from each phase of the energy storage project lifecycle. “It delivers predictable and reliable results that give confidence to developers, financiers, utilities, and operators when deploying and managing energy storage assets,” he said. “The platform offers a clear view of every step of the procurement and deployment process, including visibility into the real-time performance and aggregated savings of the system. This significantly lowers project risks by optimizing the energy storage system to a customer’s unique and specific power needs.”

The CPS Energy Storage Systems are designed for demand charge reduction, time of use shifting, PV self-consumption, and back-up power applications. Available in 30kW/65kWh or 60kW/ 130kWh solutions, these turnkey UL 9540 certified systems are available and ready to meet customer demand today.

Casey Miller, vice president of products and strategy at CPS said adding Pason Power’s adaptive software completes the turnkey offering from CPS. “After evaluating a number of software platforms, we chose Pason Power because of its capable platform, its ability to maximize ROI in a changing energy environment, and most importantly the backing of a company with decades of experience in data management for the energy industry,” Miller said. “With our hardware and Pason Power’s software solution, we have been able to significantly reduce the complexity and risk of executing small commercial storage for our customers. We have what we believe to be the best small commercial solution for solar, and we now have an energy storage solution that can help project developers grow their business.”

About Pason Power
Pason Power enables customers to build, sell, operate, and support advanced energy storage systems through its energy intelligence software platform. Pason Power customers can confidently right-size and model the financial performance of energy storage projects to significantly lower project risk. The company is built on a legacy of over 25 years in the management and security of energy data. The company is backed by its parent company, Pason Systems Inc. (TSX:PSI), and leverages robust, industrial technology which has established it as a world leader in energy data management and controls automation. Pason enjoys one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry and has a 40-year track record of adding value through energy data.

Pason Power solutions are compatible with leading component suppliers and enable energy storage systems that reduce costs for end-users, serve as reliable grid assets for utilities, and let developers deploy storage systems of all sizes with confidence. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @PasonPower and LinkedIn pason-power.  

About CPS America
CPS, Chint Power Systems America, is a subsidiary of the Chint Group (, a publicly-traded smart energy company founded in Asia in 1984.  CPS America was founded in Texas in 2009.  It has invested heavily in a local team and operates a service operations center in Dallas, warehousing and distribution in Los Angeles, and a Sales and Marketing office in the San Francisco Bay Area. CPS is the USA market leader for 3-phase string inverters with well over 2.5GW shipped in America and has recently made a strategic entry as a vertically integrated energy storage systems provider.  The company strives to deliver value to its customers through product innovation, cost leadership, and first-class service backed by a bankable company.


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