Product Features

Marketing claims are cheap. We let our product do all the talking.

  • Precise utility bill calculations

    We’re obsessed with accuracy and precision. We’ll exactly calculate your customer’s utility costs and energy savings in a transparent and defensible way.

  • Import raw interval meter data

    Best-in-class importation of interval data from any file format, including xml, csv, and UtilityAPI. Get the most granular view of your customer’s usage profile and stop making assumptions.

  • Interoperable with all solar production calculators

    In addition to our direct integration with PV Watts, users can import solar production data from HelioScope, PVsyst, PVSim, PVComplete, DOE SAM or any other tool that outputs an 8760 file.

  • Multi-Meter analysis

    Accurately model the economics of NEM Aggregation, Virtual NEM, or other multi-facility projects. Then present these complex deals in a clear and logical way.

  • Tiered rate vs. time-of-use analysis

    Find the optimal rate schedule for your residential customer post-solar. Precisely quantify the difference in savings across all rate options, and stop leaving money on the table.

  • Simulate kW demand reduction from Solar PV

    We simulate kW demand reductions from solar and back it up with data. For each billing cycle of the year we graphically illustrate when the max demand occurred, both pre and post-solar.

  • System size optimization

    Determine the optimal solar or storage system size for dollar savings. Our simulation engine references: interval meter data, solar design specifications, and utility rate switch options.

  • Create custom utility rates

    Create a utility rate schedule from scratch or by copy/duplicating one of our 10,000+ global rates. Precisely model the economics of a proposed rate change, or for a Direct Access customer with custom supply chargers.

  • Customizable proposals

    Choose from our library of proposal templates or create your own from scratch. Our new template builder is like PowerPoint meets solar proposals with the ability to insert objects, images or content directly into your documents.

  • Model NEM 2.0 scenarios

    Precisely model any NEM 2.0 scenario where exports to the grid are valued at less than the retail rate. Instantly determine how much energy is being exported and the effect that has on the projects’ economics.

  • Versioning

    Copy/duplicate proposals to version out different assumptions. Instantly see the effect of changing project inputs (equipment, pricing, financing terms, etc.) on the economics of the project via the project dashboard.

  • Help Center

    We continually update our searchable ‘Help Center’, which includes: Getting Started Guide, User Guide, Video Tutorials, FAQ and Knowledgebase. We also host live weekly training webinars on different topics.

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Track and organize your customer leads, usage data and proposals all in one place. We simplify complexity, to shorten your sales cycle, allowing you to close more deals. Quickly qualify real projects and then get them to the finish line. Tools designed to speed up your sales cycle.


Create and customize any type of document, like a proposal, contract or internal report. Choose from our library of templates or create your own from scratch. Our document creator is like PowerPoint, giving users the ability to insert and edit objects, images or content directly inside the document. All documents are private and stored securely in the cloud.


Create any type of financing transaction, like a loan, lease, PPA, PACE or shared savings. Replicate the financing products and lenders you work with, to quickly analyze and present financial summary metrics (IRR, ROI, NPV) for your specific customer. Accurate, objective, transparent: anything you can setup in Excel, we can quickly recreate into a template transaction.


We’re constantly creating content, designed to make our users more knowledgeable and sophisticated developers. In addition to our searchable Help Center & Knowledge Base, we publish video tutorials and host live weekly training webinars on various topics.