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Energy Toolbase is Exhibiting at RE+ 2023: Here’s What to Expect

Energy Toolbase is exhibiting atRE+ in Las Vegas! The team will be exhibiting at booth #5217 and is excited to build new connections and strengthen current ones with our customers at the biggest event of the year. With a big conference comes big updates, announcements, and new features for the Energy Toolbase product offering. We’ve included a summary of all the new things to see when you come to the booth.

ETB Developer: Web Catalogs & Proposal Designs    

Effective communication and seamless presentation of ideas are pivotal to success in the ever-evolving landscape of solar + storage design and development. With Web Catalogs,ETB Developer users have access to a toolset for building and managing proposals, providing the ability to compile a collection of designs within a single proposal. This enables users to offer their clients an all-inclusive overview of possibilities. One of the standout features of Web Catalogs is the ability to effortlessly share proposals through a unique link. 

Proposal Designs innovates how you create and present your proposals to clients, enabling you to design buttoned-up proposals that your clients will appreciate. These two features revolutionize how you present, track, and visualize customer proposals, as well as enable you to analyze multiple proposal options in a single document. The proposal page display will look and feel significantly different, as the updated dashboard makes things much more easily accessible and expansive.  

Green Button Connect My Data (CMD)  

Green Button Connect My Data is available within the ETB Developer platform as a limited-time beta release. Listed as a new feature, it is released with two utilities: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE). Green Button Data gives you the ability to download your data, and the Connect My Data program enables the end customer to share their data with the developer in the platform; once approved, it allows them to pull utility usage data for the customer consistently.  

Our Newest Financing Partner, Sunstone Credit  

Sunstone Credit is now live within the ETB Developer, offering users instant access to commercial solar and energy storage financing quotes. Sunstone’s commercial solar financing solutions are tailored toward small and medium-sized commercial borrowers, enabling businesses to finance solar systems and leverage electricity generation strategies while keeping costs down.  

ETB Monitor Updates – PV Monitoring  

We have updated ourETB Monitor product offering and you will notice an upgraded look in addition to new functionalities including a new user interface (UI), updated graphs and charting, improved diagnostic capabilities, site and fleet overviews, and PV Monitoring. The new PV Monitoring feature is available for all solar-only projects that will compare actual solar generation to expected generation and will allow for a detailed solar electric bill savings view. The new version will include an Energy Storage System (ESS) Tab, which will provide an in-depth look at your ESS, performance, and a more detailed equipment breakdown. 

Find Us at Booth #5217 

We are located on Sands Level 2 at the front of the Energy Storage International Section!  


Join ETB’s Happy Hour at RE+ 

Please stop by our booth during Happy Hour on Wednesday, September 13, from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. During this timeslot, RE+ is turning the exhibit hall into Las Vegas’s premier happy hour spot. Our team would love to meet you, so stop by for some beer, wine, and conversation to relax and unwind after a full day at the show!


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