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Unveiling the Future of Energy Management: Energy Toolbase and SolarAcademy Explore Acumen EMS™ and Its Forecasting Capabilities

In a recent Solar Conversation hosted by SolarAcademy, a San Diego-based social knowledge platform for the solar energy industry, Nathan Gutzmann, Product Manager of Acumen EMS™, joined Kerim Baran to delve into the cutting-edge capabilities of Acumen EMS. This illuminating discussion unpacked all things Acumen, from its utilization of AI and machine learning to forecast and optimize energy storage systems operating in the field to how Acumen combines behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter strategies to generate revenue through various controls applications.  

As society continues shifting towards sustainability and various renewable technologies, solutions like Acumen EMS play a pivotal role in driving innovation, bolstering the grid, and accelerating the transition to clean energy. To gain deeper insights into the future of energy management and Acumen EMS’s transformative capabilities, watch the Solar Conversation below: 

For more information about Acumen EMS controls software for your projects, schedule a call with our team.  

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