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WEBINAR: Energy Storage Made Simple: Turnkey C&I Solutions for Demand Charge & Back-up


Piecing together an energy storage system with different components can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why CPS designed a truly turnkey solution with integrated components that are pre-engineered, pre-wired, and factory tested to work together seamlessly. They also provide expert remote service to help you diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly and safely. Whether you need demand charge, back-up power, or both, get ESS projects to the finish line with CPS turnkey solutions and service all the way to commissioning. In this webinar, learn about the fully-integrated CPS energy storage solution, performance guarantee, and how to easily analyze the system financials in Energy Toolbase.

  • Daniel Hill – CPS America, Energy Storage Manager 

  • Peter Hsiung – CPS America, Director of Product Management 

  • Matt Cimo – Energy Toolbase, Western Regional Manager 

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