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WEBINAR: C&I Energy Storage Market in 2021 Value Streams, Optimism, and Identifying the Best Projects


We recently published an article on Solar Power World on why we’re optimistic about commercial storage in 2021 and we teamed up with them to discuss why developers should be continuing to push into C&I storage. In this webinar, we dove into identifying the characteristics of the most attractive commercial & industrial (C&I) energy storage projects, including rate tariffs, incentives, and load profile types. Plus, how developers and host customers can best capture the other value streams that ESS delivers, including resiliency/backup power, grid services, and future-proofing solar project revenue.

We also showcased our end-to-end product suite of ESS software products, which enables PV+ESS developers to deploy projects more efficiently. This includes ETB Developer, their sales, and modeling platform, Acumen EMS™, their intelligent ESS controls software, and ETB Monitor, their reporting and monitoring platform.

  • Energy storage policies and incentive programs that are driving market growth 
  • The primary utility bill savings that energy storage provides in a behind-the-meter, commercial setting
  • Factors that influence PV & ESS and ESS bill savings of C&I projects in California 
  • Resiliency for C&I customers looking to add ESS in certain markets
  • Grid services value capture opportunities 
  • Energy Toolbase product suite overview
    1. ETB Developer
    2. Acumen EMS™ controls software 
    3. ETB Monitor
  • Q&A 
  • Adam Gerza – VP of Business Development, Energy Toolbase

  • Susan Milhau – Customer Success Manager, Energy Toolbase

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