WEBINAR: Modeling Energy Storage projects on Hawaii’s new (EDRP) Emergency Demand Response Program

by Tracy Fosterling on Aug 04, 2021

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Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) just finalized and launched an Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP) and Scheduled Dispatch Program Rider (EDRP-SDP) in response to the upcoming closure of a coal plant on Oahu that currently services roughly 15% of the demand on the island. On August 1, 2021, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) will begin accepting applications for the EDPR program that provides lucrative incentives for energy storage projects that dispatch for two hours each day during the system peak. 

The program is open to both new and existing customers in Hawaii. Given the rapid and urgent schedule for implementation, developers hoping to participate in this program need to get educated quickly. This particular webinar focuses primarily on commercial and industrial (C&I) projects, where Energy Toolbase has an off-the-shelf solution with their Acumen EMS controls software. 


  • Adam Gerza - VP, Business Development, Energy Toolbase
  • Jordyn Fenner - Enterprise Account Manager, Energy Toolbase 
  • Rocky Mould - Executive Director, Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA)


  1. EDRP-SDP “Battery Bonus” Program: Background
  2. EDRP-SDP “Battery Bonus” Program: Implementation
  3. Battery Bonus Implementation – Key Provisions
  4. Battery Bonus – Benefits 
  5. Battery Bonus – Requirements 
  6. DER DOCKET (2019-0323): DER Parties Emergency DR Proposals
  7. Commercial project case studies using ETB Developer modeling platform 
  8. ​How Energy Toolbase can help you take advantage of this incentive program

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